My personal concern

First of all, my intention is to offer special wood for special people. Every person likes different characteristics of wood – I am there to supply luthiers with wood exactly fulfilling their needs.


Finest grade guitar tops are not only depending from optical aspects, as there are many more aspects like, for example, the architecture of the wood fibres and exact split-cutting which influence a top’s quality and that one cannot see at first sight.

These are the most important criteria in a nutshell:

- Very straight growth and grain
- No run outs (exact split-cutting)
- Very low density (relation from exact weight to volume)
- A very nice cross silk pattern (medullar rays!), based on an accurate quarter cut
- Annual ring spacing from minimum 10 rings per inch (25 mm)
- Symmetric reflection of light

Rudolf Fuchs

In fact, the builder’s individual sound preferences are a very important point as well. For me, tone wood business is a question of trust between the luthier and the tone wood dealer.

Thus, my tops are hand-selected and controlled accurately. The criteria mentioned above are comprehensively following the criteria important and decisive for world-class luthiers and finally for me as a high quality tone wood supplier.

Offers include photos of every top

I offer Individual and rapid proposal preparation and/or professional advice for questions concerning tone wood - especially tuned on customer wishes.

A detailed photo of every top with planed frontsides as a high standard by all my tops (all tops are specially hand selected according to my customer’s needs) will be attached to the proposal. This service is a given for me and allows the customer to get a first impression of the tops as well as to convince himself of my tops’ quality.

Information from the cut log to the finished top

Due to my amicable and close cooperation with very experienced and adept foresters in the Alps and the Bavarian Forest, I am able to pass a lot of important information (e.g. specific weight, date of logging, sea level, situation on hillsides,…) on to the customer.

Rudolf Fuchs - Tonewood - your source for first quality Guitar Tops out of German Spruce