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The Wood... Spruce tree about 250 years old tree

German Spruce (Picea excelsa, Picea abies) is probably the wood mostly rich in tradition concerning lutherie. The logs I use are obtained from selected regions in the Bavarian Alps, Austrian Alps, Italian Alps and the Bavarian Forest where they have grown in north-eastern slopes (1200m – 1500m altitude). There, in the southern area of its range, the German Spruce is a mountain tree, a fact revealing itself positively in its structure (ratio of late wood) and quality (e.g. constant growth).

Bark structure

This wood species is characterized by a creamy, bright gold-tone in color and has – resulting from geographic-climatic realities – a very homogeneous annual ring growth (this, in fact, is positively affecting the wood’s tonal qualities). German Spruce is a tonewood featuring exceptional stiffness together with low weight and, furthermore, outstanding sound-forming factors.

Rudolf Fuchs

With the famous luthier Antonio de Torres, a man having done his handicraft on the highest artistic level possible, only using German Spruce for his tops, the question which wood to choose for one’s guitar should be made decisively easier. In comparison to other tone woods, German Spruces tend to have the best balanced amplifying/damping abilities for the optimal range in sound of an acoustic guitar. This species of wood is used for building master grade guitars for Spanish and classic music as well as for high quality fingerstyle- and western-guitars.

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