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The structure

Despite from visible quality factors as, for example, grain and color, the wood’s physical characteristics should also be taken into consideration if the right top should be chosen.

A nice cross silk pattern (medullar rays!), for instance, reveals that the wood has been quarter sawn. But what about the Exact split-cutting? An accurately split (no run outs), that influence a top's quality immense and that one cannot see at first sight! However, there is a variety of attributes influencing the sound (i.e. attack point, sustain and resonance) of a good top: the wood’s stiffness (crossways/lengthways), the relation from exact weight to volume, its elasticity/hardness and the rotation growth. Unfortunately, these features are not paid sufficient attention in any classification.

mission control

A master grade guitar mostly lives from its construction. It’s the luthier’s talent, his experience and his skilfulness that are mainly responsible for the unique sound of a guitar. Nevertheless, the knowledge about the wood’s physical and sound characteristics should also be there when splitting and sawing it.

top air-seasoning

Therefore, the tops manufactured in my workshop are crafted in a way that is optimally serving the subject – namely to strive for perfect sound.

"A top is the guitar's soul."

Rudolf Fuchs - Tonewood - your source for first quality Guitar Tops out of German Spruce